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Government guarantees, in percent of GDP. Year 2010 - 2019
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State government do not exist in Sweden.

Local government contain municipalities and county councils.
One-off guarantees: A one-off guarantee is defined as individual, and guarantors are not able to make a reliable estimate of the risk of calls. One-off guarantees are linked to debt instruments (e.g. loans, bonds).

Standardised guarantees: Standardised guarantees are guarantees that are issued in large numbers, usually for fairly small amounts, along identical lines. There are three parties involved in these arrangements- the borrower, the lender and the guarantor. Either the borrower or the lender may contract with the guarantor to repay the lender if the borrower defaults. It is not possible to estimate precisely the risk of each loan being in default but it is possible to estimate how many, out of a large number of such loans, will default. Examples are mortgage loan guarantees, student loan guarantees, etc.

Data do not include:
- Government guarantees issued within the guarantee mechanism under the Framework Agreement of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)

- Derivative-type guarantees, that is guarantees that meet the definition of a financial derivative

- Deposit insurance guarantees and comparable schemes
- Government guarantees issued on events which occurrence is very difficult to cover via commercial insurance (earth quakes, large scale flooding, nuclear accidents, certain art exhibitions, etc).
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The denominator GDP refer to GDP published 28/08/2020.
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