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Elections to regional councils - seats won by region and party. Year of election 1973 - 2018
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Gotland does not have a county council. This was also the case for Göteborg and Malmö municipalities before 1998. In 1998, the county council constituencies were regrouped. Kristianstads and Malmöhus county councils were combined with the municipality of Malmö to create Skåne county council. It is therefore not possible to make comparisons over time. Göteborg county council and Bohuslän county council were combined with the municipality of Göteborg, Älvsborgs county council and Skaraborg county council to form Västra Götalands county council. The municipalities of Mullsjö and Habo were then incorporated in to Jönköpings county council. It is therefore not possible to make comparisons over time. The Riksdag decided 2005-11-30 that Heby municipality should be transfered from Västmanlands county to Uppsala county 2007-01-01.
The Christian Democratic Party
For the 1998 elections the KDS will be found under its new name the Christian Democratic Party (Kd).
The Left Party
From the 1991 elections the Left Party Communists will be found under its new name the Left Party (V).
Other Parties
New Democracy is to be found under Other Parties in 1991 and 1994. For the results regarding New Democracy in 1991 and 1994 please see the series General elections 1991 and General elections 1994.
election year
The county council election in Västra Götaland was appealed against and carried out again. The reelection took place on 15 May 2011. The results presented here refer to the reelection in the county council of Västra Götaland 2011. For the results from the ordinary election, see General Elections 2010, Vol. 2 (www).
The Liberal Party
The Liberal Party was renamed in Swedish, and the new name is used from the 2018 general election. The party name remains unchanged in English.
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