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International investment position. Assets and liabilities by sector and item. Quarter 2006K1 - 2023K2

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International investment position, SEK billions:
International investment position, SEK billions
International investment position, SEK billions:
International investment position, SEK billions:
International investment position, SEK billions:
International investment position, SEK billions:
The Riksbank
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Liabilities for sector MFI are classified as deposits instead of loans as of first quarter of 2015. New sources have been used for the compilation of Sweden´s international investment position for holdings in portfolio investments and for debt securities in the reserve assets from the first quarter of 2019. This affects the comparison with previous periods. For further information, see the document New data sources for statistics on securities under More information. For quarter two 2023, a correction of errors beyond those revisions that are included in the regular revision policy has been performed. This affects the international investment position for the period of 2018Q1-2023Q1, swedish investments abroad, sector non-financial companies and item 4.1 currency and deposits. The reason for this correction is that incorrect information has been submitted to SCB, this information has been amended in connection with the publication of 2023Q2. Information regarding Swedish holdings of foreign shares and investment fund shares as well as foreign holdings of Swedish debt securities issued in foreign currency has been updated with new information for the years 2013–2018. For more information see the document Changes in the time series for statistics on securities, 2023-09-04


1 direct investment

Starting from the reference period Q1 2015, many holding companies have been reclassified from sector group non-financial companies to sector group other financial institutions. The reason is due to requirements from international regulations. The reclassifications have major impact on the sector distributed assets and liabilities within direct investments, since reported companies for the direct investment survey often are holding companies. Furthermore, holding companies often provides consolidated direct investment data and the reported values refer not only to the reported company but also to non-financial subsidiaries within the business group. The reclassification means that assets and liabilities of direct investments for the sector other financial institutions now shows higher values compared if each company within a group themselves reported data to Statistics Sweden.

1.2 debt instruments

Intercompany lending within direct investments are published according to the directional principle in the international investment position, which shows the direction and degree of influence of the direct investment.

1.2 debt instruments

Debt instruments are presented net. For Swedish direct investment abroad this means claims minus liabilities. For foreign direct investment in Swedenthis means liabilities minus claims. Trade credits within a foreign direct investment relationship are also included under debt instruments.

3 financial derivatives

The detail in financial derivatives does not make possible for relevant currency denomination. Financial derivatives are presented in SEK.

4.4 other

Other within other investments includes participations in international organisations and life- and capital insurances and other participations not included in other items.