Institutional non-financial sector accounts (ESA2010), current prices, SEK million. Year 1950 - 2018
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Sectors S13, S1311+S1314 and 1313 are consolidated.
The table is corrected 2017-09-19 for the years 1950–1979 with respect to sectors S11 and S14 and transactions D8, B8 and B9.
2015-09-11 Income and savings has been revised 2010 onwards when revised data from the Balance of payments has been included in the National accounts as well as detailed calculations carried out in 2013 and updated estimates conducted in 2014 and 2015K1. Consumption of fixed capital, P51c.PAY, has been revised from 1993 onwards for the sectors S11 Non-financial corporations and from 2000 onwards for sector 14 Households.
Correction 2014-11-28. The correction relates to transaction items D614 Households social contribution supplements and D8 Adjustment for the change in pension entitlements period 1993-2014K2. The items D441 Investment income attributable to insurance policy holders, D442 Investment income payable on pension entitlements and D622 Other social insurance benefits have been corrected for the period 2008-2014K2. For the period 1993-2007 the corrections only affect the balance item Disposable income in sector S14 Households and S12 Financial corporations, as D8 corrected with the corresponding amounts D614. From 2008 the affected balance items are Balance of primary incomes, Disposable income, Saving and Net lending in sectors S14 Households, S11 Non-financial corporations and S12 Financial corporations.
transaction item
2015-01-07 The table has been updated with the following transaction items for all sectors; P1M.REC, P5L.PAY, P5Ln.PAY, P51n.PAY, and the following transactions items for S13; D6M.PAY, OTEIMF.PAY, OTRIMF.REC, OTHE.PAY, D2+D5+D91.REC, D7NS2+D9NS2.REC, OTHR.REC, D7NS2+D9NS2.PAY, GOB.

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