Air emissions by industry SNI92 (NACE) and subject. Year 1993 - 2008
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This table is no longer updated. The statistics are not fully comparable with current statistical data according to NACE 2007 due to revisions in 2011 and later years.
As for the National Accounts, statistics on emissions to air according to the Environmental Accounts is based on the residence principle - emissions arising from activities of Swedish companies and households (resident units), are accounted for regardless of where these emissions actually occur. The methodology for estimating emissions of Swedish companies operating abroad, and to deduct emissions from foreign companies in Sweden is simplified and based on the following assumptions: • Emissions from road transport of Swedish companies are assumed to be is equal to the emission from road transport of foreign companies in Sweden. The statistics correspond to the fuel sold. • Emissions from maritime and air transport of Swedish companies operating abroad are assumed to be equal to that of emissions from foreign companies in maritime transport and air transport in Sweden. The statistics corresponds to international bunkering of fuels in Swedish ports and airports. D35 Electricity, gas and heating production: Industrial back-pressure is distributed on SIC/NACE. Additional information on these statistics is provided in Swedish at the website of System of Environmental and Economic Accounts under Documentation.
Comparisons with earlier years should be done with care as there are some differences in the methods used for the 2007 and 2008 data.
industrial classification SE-SIC92
62 Air transport companies
Year 2008: Military aviation fuel is placed under SIC/NACE 62, instead of under OFF (Public sector).
OFF Public sector
Year 2008: Military aviation fuel is placed under SIC/NACE 62, instead of under OFF (Public sector).
co2 carbon dioxide
Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is excluding emissions from biofuels.

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