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Number of islands in Sweden by region and size class. Year 2013
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Definition of island:
In the statistics, Statistics Sweden defines islands as land areas surrounded by water, according to Lantmäteriet´s (the national land survey office) real estate map´s data set layer MV that represents water (lakes and large watercourses). The water map of Lantmäteriet shows water in the scale 1:10 000 within the borders of Sweden. The hole in the water map has formed the islands. The statistics also include islands surrounded by artificial water and artificial islands. Examples of these are piers, pond islands, castles completely surrounded by a moat and other types of islands separated from other land areas by a canal that has been dug. The smallest islands have an area of 9 square metres.
size class
One hectare is 10 000 square metres, or 0.01 m2, that is, the area of a square measuring 100 m x 100 m.
size class
Number of islands by size class and municipality refers to islands that completely or partly are situated within the boundaries of the municipality. The same island can thus be counted in several municipalities. The same applies to islands that extend beyond county boundaries. Therefore summations cannot be done from municipality to county or the country, or from county to the country.
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