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Number of dwellings by region, type of building and tenure (including special housing). Year 1990 - 2022

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Number of dwellings:
Number of dwellings:
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Number of dwellings:
Number of dwellings:
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Dwellings refer to an apartment intended to be used as a dwelling regardless of the type of house in which it is situated. Dwellings in one- or two-dwelling buildings are therefore also defined as apartments. The difference in the dwelling stock between two years does not consist only of new construction. The dwelling stock is a register-based product on the data in the dwelling register. The register is being updated by the municipalities responsible for the updating with help of information from the countrys property owners. Both newly built and existing apartments, which previously formed a loss in the register, are registered on a continuous basis. In addition, corrections and completions of previously incorrect data are made and due to changes of the existing dwelling stock, eg. through rebuilding and demolition. Besides, there is a certain lag in the registration of newly built apartments, especially the past year. The years 1991–2012 in this table are recalculated and adapted to the national dwelling register used to the housing stock from 2013. The data for 1990 comes from the population and housing census 1990. For the years 1991–2013 annual updates of changes through new construction, rebuilding, demolition and remodeling have been calculated. These calculated figures for 2013 have been compared with the dwelling register corresponding data for 2013. The difference that then arises has been spread by 1/22 parts per year for the years 1991–2012 with the assumption that the differences occurred continuously during the time period. Most dwellings reported as special and other housing from 2013 and onwards were previously included in the category of multi-dwelling buildings.


The apartments´ type of tenure is based on the ownership and not how the residents possesses the apartments.

type of building

one- or two-dwelling buildings

One- or two-dwelling buildings means detached one- and two-dwelling buildings as well as semi-detached, row and linked buildings (excluding buildings for seasonal and secondary use).

multi-dwelling buildings

Multi-dwelling buildings means buildings with three or more apartments including balcony access housing.

other buildings

Other buildings means buildings that are not intended for residential purposes but still contains ordinary dwellings, e.g. buildings used for business or public function.

special housing

Special housing means dwellings for elderly/disabled, student housing and other special housing.


rented dwellings

One- or two-dwelling buildings with rented dwellings means apartments owned by other than private persons, estates of deceased persons or housing cooperatives. Multi-dwelling and other buildings with rented dwelling means dwellings that are not condominiums and owned by other than housing cooperatives.

tenant-owned dwellings

One- or two-dwelling buildings with tenant-owned dwellings means apartments owned by housing cooperatives. Multi-dwelling and other buildings with tenant-owned dwelling means apartments owned by housing cooperatives.

owner-occupied dwellings

One- or two-dwelling buildings with owner-occupied dwellings means apartments owned by private persons or estates of deceased persons. Multi-dwelling and other buildings with owner-occupied dwelling means condominiums.