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Number of households per region by type of household. Year 2011 - 2022

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Number of households:
Number of households:
31 December each year
Number of households:
Number of households:
Number of households:
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Now you have come to the page, Choose variable. This page give you the oportunity to select which variables and values you want to display in your result of the table. A variable is a property of a statistical unit. The page is divided into several boxes, one for each variable, where you can select values by click to highlight one or more values. It always starts with the statistics variable which is the main value counted in the table.

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A person is defined as a child, regardless of age, when he/she is included in a household together with at least one of his/her parents and the child does not have any children or a partner in the same household. A parent-child relationship is created if a person is a biological parent, adoptive parent, guardian or 'Other person' to someone in the household. Statistics are adjusted to avoid identifying individuals in cells with small values. Data in other cells has been changed so that totals remain unchanged, but in some cases this has not been possible. To avoid identification, some persons are not linked at the level below the municipal level. These persons have been assigned to a DeSO within their municipality. Update 2021-07-02:
Two RegSOs (regional statistical areas) have new designations. RegSO Dala-Järna, with RegSO code 2021R001, has changed its designation to Vansbro västra landsbygd.
RegSO Vansbro västra landsbygd, with RegSO code 2021R003 has changed its designation to Dala-Järna.
This update applies from 2021-07-02.
Type of household
Type of household gives the composition of the household and is broken down into Single (including Living alone), Cohabiting and Other household, all with or without children.