Total water use by user category and region. Every fifth year 1990 - 2015
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The table contains data on water use by country, county and river basin district according to the regional divisions on January 1, 2010. Figures according to older regional divisions have been restated in order to facilitate comparisons over time.

Seawater used by nuclear power plants is not included in the statistics. The volume of seawater used by the nuclear power plants is approximately 10 billion cubic meters.
user category
Water use by households comprises water from both public supply and self-supply. It includes water use by permanent dwellings as well as holiday homes.
Water use by agriculture comprises water only from self-supply. It includes both water for irrigation and livestock.
Water use by manufacturing industry comprises water from both public supply and self-supply. It includes use of fresh water as well as sea water.
other use
Other use of water comprises water from public supply used by other activities than manufacturing industry, such as counstruction, hotels and restaurants, public services etc. Other use also includes water used for maintenance of water plants and losses in the distribution network. Other use does not include water from self-supply.
every fifth year
14.264 thousand sq m water from other use has not been possible to break down on county or river basin district.

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