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Built up land by region and land use category. Every fifth year 2010 - 2015
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A minor share of the land area occupied by the road network has not been possible to break down on municipality level. Thus, the summarized value of land used for transport infrastructure will differ somewhat between county and municipality.
Land occupied by buildings and associated land, for example gardens and plots, parking lots, storage areas for industrial purposes or other kind of facilities associated with built up land, including roads, railways, ports and airports.
land use category
land with one- or two-dwelling buildings
Land with one- or two-dwelling buildings, both for seasonal or secondary use and for permanent use. Includes detached one- and two-dwelling buildings as well as semi-detached, row and linked buildings, as well as plots on agricultural land attached to one- or two-dwelling buildings, and buildings on non-freehold property (if used for dwelling).
land with multi-dwelling buildings
Land with attached multi-dwelling buildings (i.e. buildings with three or more apartments including balcony access housing).
land used for manufacturing industry
Land primarily used for manufacturing industry, which also includes land areas linked to manufacturing activities, such as storage areas and parking lots. Land assessed as undeveloped land for industrial purposes is excluded.
land used for commercial activities and services
Land primarily used for commercial activities and services, which include land areas linked to office, storage, bank, insurance, restaurant, hotel, real estate, computer and repair businesses. Apart from the actual building sites, other attached land is also included, for example parking lots.
land used for public services and public facilities and leisure
Land used for educational and health services, preschools, buildings for cultural services such as theatres, cinemas and museums, churches and other buildings used for the provision of religious services, areas used for funerals (e.g. cemeteries), clergy houses, buildings used for judicial services, community youth centres, swimming pools, sports halls and other sports infrastructure, etc.
land used for transport infrastructure
Includes roads, railways, airports, ports and storage areas. Land used for postal services, telecommunication infrastructures or terminals, parking lots, funiculars, pipelines etc. are not included.
land used for technical infrastructure
Includes land used for technical infrastructure and related installations. Included facilities are hydropower plants, wind turbines, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, waste treatment plants and dump sites, pumping stations, plants and networks used for gas, heat and electricity power distribution.
land with agricultural buildings and other buildings
Land used for agricultural purposes which are not dwellings, for example animal stables and real estates with pits, buildings and other installations for national defence, including yards, storage areas, etc.
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