Land and water area 1 January by region and type of area. Year 2012 - 2019
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Between 2012 and 2018 the sum of the area figures on municipality level does not match the figures on county level due to enclaves that couldn’t be referred to a municipality. From 2019 all enclaves have been referred to a municipality.
On 2012-09-07 corrections of the value have been done for the municipalities of Hammarö, Karlstad and Säffle with the time point 2012.
New measurements from the Swedish Mapping Agency (Lantmäteriet) has led to adjustments of the territorial border in the sea. This means that from 2019 the sea water area has increased compared to previous years.
type of area
land area
Land area includes watercourses of a width of 6 metres or less, and meres and smaller pools of water up to maximum of several 10km² in size.
inland water excluding the four large lakes
Inland water includes lakes larger than some ten square metres and watercourses of a width of more than 6 meters. The four large lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren are excluded.

the four large lakes
The four large lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren have water areas in the following municipalities: Vänern: 1444 Grästorp, 1447 Gullspång, 1461 Mellerud, 1471 Götene, 1487 Vänersborg, 1492 Åmål, 1493 Mariestad, 1494 Lidköping, 1761 Hammarö, 1764 Grums, 1780 Karlstad, 1781 Kristinehamn, 1785 Säffle Vättern: 0509 Ödeshög, 0583 Motala, 0584 Vadstena, 0643 Habo, 0680 Jönköping, 1446 Karlsborg, 1497 Hjo, 1882 Askersund Mälaren: 0114 Upplands Väsby, 0123 Järfälla, 0125 Ekerö, 0126 Huddinge, 0127 Botkyrka, 0128 Salem, 0139 Upplands-Bro, 0140 Nykvarn, 0180 Stockholm, 0181 Södertälje, 0183 Sundbyberg, 0184 Solna, 0191 Sigtuna, 0305 Håbo, 0330 Knivsta, 0380 Uppsala, 0381 Enköping, 0484 Eskilstuna, 0486 Strängnäs, 1960 Kungsör, 1961 Hallstahammar, 1980 Västerås, 1983 Köping Hjälmaren: 0428 Vingåker, 0483 Katrineholm, 0484 Eskilstuna, 1880 Örebro, 1984 Arboga.
Sea water up to the territorial border: The water area between the coastline and the territorial border.

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