Trustees of protected nature, by region. Year 2015 - 2018
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National parks Decisions to set up national parks are made by the Riksdag and the Government. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the information for decision-making and planning of the national parts, among other things via the National Parks Plan for Sweden. A large contiguous area of a particular landscape type can be established as a national park, according to the Environmental Code, Chapter 7 Section 2. The area should be in its "natural state or essentially unchanged". As a prerequisite, the government must own the land.
Nature reserves Nature reserves are formed by the county councils and the municipalities, according to Chapter 7 Sections 4 – 6 of the Environmental Code. In Sweden and many other countries, forming nature reserves is one of the most common ways to protect valuable nature in a sustainable way. Nature reserves can be formed according to Chapter 7 Section 4 of the Environmental Code.
Nature conservation area Conservation areas as a protection form were introduced in the conservation act of 1974 and were discontinued with the introduction of the Environmental Code in 1999. These areas are mainly found in marine environments and forest areas intended for outdoor activities. The areas that were established are considered to be nature reserves according to the Environmental Code. However, legislation limits this protection a great deal, because the regulations must not be so restrictive that ongoing land use in the area is hampered. Therefore, there are reasons to distinguish conservation areas in the statistical presentation even in the future when we present protection of forests.
Other trustees consist of foundations, government agencies, etc.

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