Trade in services. Exports and imports by country. Year 2004 - 2018
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The definition of the countries Finland, France , Spain and the United States have been adjusted compared to the publication of 2016-03-02. Finland now includes Aland. Spain, includes Cueta and Melilla , the US is includes Puerto Rico and France includes Saint- Barthélemy , French Guiana , Guadeloupe , Monaco , Saint Martin , Martinique , Saint Pierre and Miquelon , Reunion, Mayotte and Metropolitan France.
exports and imports
The survey on trade in services is mainly constructed to ensure good reliability in estimates of items – without country breakdown. Trade in services by country is expected to be of better quality for larger trade in services counterpart countries. For smaller counterpart countries, the uncertainty in the estimates is considered to be substantial. Therefore, trade in services statistics is only published for counterpart countries with substantial trade in services.

Collected data also includes values that have not been allocated by country. From 2013 these values are in larger extent than before allocated to specific countries. The values are allocated by country using country allocated data.

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