Ownership of shares in companies quoted on Swedish marketplaces by sector. Twice a year 1999M12 - 2019M06
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As of the second half of 2014, owners in the shareholder statistics are classified according to INSEKT 2014. http://www.scb.se/Statistik/_Publikationer/NR0103_2014A01_BR_X11BR1401.pdf
The considerable drop of household s share wealth during the first half of 2011 is largely due to transfers of share holdings from the household sector to the non-financial corporation sector.
The time scale refers to 31 December and 30 June from year 2000 and onwards. Concerning the years 1983 to 1999, only 31 December is referred to, except for 1990-1992 when ownership was registered in February the following year but valued to the according year-end prices.
Figures include unquoted classes of stock in quoted companies. The corporations included were initially limited to Swedish corporations quoted on the A list on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In 1989 all Swedish corporations on other lists on the Stockholm Stock Exchange were included. In 1998, stocks quoted on the SBI list (now NGM), Aktietorget, and Nya Marknaden, and in 1999 stocks quoted on the Göteborgs OTC list were added.
S11 Non-financial corporations
Includes non-profit organisations serving this sector.
S128+129 Insurance corporations and pensions funds
Includes pension funds.
S12X Other financial corporations
Includes banks, housing credit institutions, other credit market enterprises and financial auxiliaries.
S14 Households
Includes employers and own-account workers. The statistics on households excludes estates of deceased persons (which is included in Other financial corporations).

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