Balance of Payments. Current account. Exports and imports by country groups intra/extra EU and by item. Year 1982 - 2019
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country group
intra-EU transactions
The European Union currently consists of 27 Member States. The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 31 January 2020. The entire intra-EU time series contains only the current 27 member countries.
1.1 goods (f.o.b. - f.o.b.)
Trade in goods is valued at f.o.b. in the balance of payments, which for imports means the value of the goods at the exporting country´s border.
1.1.1 merchanting, net
Merchanting exists only as exports and reflects the sales margin when Swedish companies purchase and sell goods on the world market without the goods being present in Sweden.
3.2 current international cooperation
This item was previously named “Grants and Donations”. From 2018Q1 and onwards it consists of Current International Cooperation as well as Miscellaneous current transfers of general government.

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Balance of Payments, SEK billions
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